Show module block on frontend
The module are using widget block to generate recommendation steps on frontend. You can create CMS Page and add widget type "Lof StepRecomendation" into page content, or create widget instance

1. Add Recommendation To CMS Page

Create new CMS page or edit exist page on admin > Content > Elements > Pages
Create new cms page and insert widget "Lof StepRecommedation"
Config widget as this, choose rule and input result text as you want
After add/edit cms page with widget Lof StepRecommendation, then save the page
Go to frontend view cms page as this:
Steps with questions of rule 1
Result with multiple products

2. Add Recommendation Widget instance to show page position as we want

Create widget instance on admin > Content > Elements > Widgets
Step 1: Choose type and design theme
Step 2: Config title, layout updates
Step 3: Config widget options
Results on frontend (Category Page):
Or we can add Widget into Cms Block content, then load cms block content on frontend to any position and page which you want: Admin > Content > Elements > Blocks
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