How to suggest customers purchase products that meet their needs without making them annoyed? Magento 2 product recommendations step is a must-try solution.
The extension allows store admins to create questions and answers with customer-oriented options, then step by step recommend customers to buy the best-fit item. With filter options, customers can reach recommended products rapidly. Let’s check our highlight features:
  • Use ajax submit filter options & get products to display
  • Display filter form on frontend by block & widget
  • Quickly show recommended products
  • [New] Recommend category item as a result
  • Create multiple questions & answers on backend
  • [New] Input product sku or category id
  • Flexibly edit a specific combine rule
  • Manage & sort out questions with ease
  • Import & export recommendation rules via CSV
  • Manage combine rules in grid
  • Ready to use REST API
Compatible: Magento 2.3.6 - 2.4.x
License: Commerce
Last modified 10mo ago
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